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The Brumachen Brewer is our first generation light-weight single serve brewer. It makes a fresh brew in ~6 minutes and has versatile power options which means you can use it at home, during travel and off-the-grid in the great outdoors. 

Product Details
• 5.8 fl. oz (171 ml).
• Brew Temp 180°F.
• Weights 1 lb 7.70 oz (0.67 kg).
• Dimensions: 2.5" diameter, 11.5" tall.
• Rated at 12V and 10 Amps.
• Remove used pod
• Rinse mug with water.
• Lightly scrub heating chamber
• Descale the machine every 100 coffees.
• Fill water reservoir with 25ml of white vinegar.
• Let it sit for 1-hour without heating it.
• Pour the vinegar out and rinse 5 to 6 times with water.
• Repeat if necessary.